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Introducing the Revolutionary
Developed by scientific technicians and validated by over 100 studies, the TruAge Scanner delivers an accurate reading of your body’s AGE levels in about 20 seconds.
Your AGE level is an important health marker. Knowing your AGE level can help you maintain good health.
The TruAge Scanner is the absolute best way to measure your AGEs.
Visit a TruAge Scanner for an accurate AGE reading at a TruAge Scanning event near you.
Your TrūAge™ scan can tell you your AGE level, which is an important biomarker for your health.
It’s important to know your AGE levels so you can manage them effectively. And there’s no better way to know your numbers than the TruAge Scanner. A TruAge Scan will deliver an accurate AGE measurement in less than 20 seconds, and also display your personal TruAge, or how old your body looks and feels based on your AGE levels.
Find out your TruAge with the scientifically validated TruAge Scanner.
The TruAge Scanner is a research device used to determine the amount of AGEs in your body. It has been validated in tests involving over 100,000 people. The subjects first had their AGE levels measured by tissue tests, then by the TruAge Scanner. The results indicated that the TruAge Scanner measures AGE levels as accurately as a tissue test. These validated results have been published in over 100 peer-reviewed journals.
The TruAge Scanner is a fast, non-invasive scan of the arm that can provide an accurate reading in about 20 seconds.
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