Here are three easy ways you can take action against AGEs:


Drink TruAge Max

TrūAge Max is clinically shown to lower AGEs by 24%

TrūAge Max uses the power of all-natural iridoids from five different sources to fight AGEs. In a recent clinical study, participants who drank 2 fl. oz. of Max daily lowered their AGE levels by up to 24% in just 4 weeks. Not only does Max lower AGEs, but it also helps prevent new AGEs from forming through its antioxidant properties.*

Max is the focal product of the TruAge Core line, which includes Max, TruAge Performance Rapid Fuel, TruAge Body Sugar Stop and TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel. These four products represent the ultimate multi-faceted AGE-fighting system. Each TruAge Core product works in harmony to target four specific areas of AGE prevention and disruption. There is no better way to fight the effects of aging.

Improve your lifestyle

In addition to drinking TruAge Max every day, there are proven ways to manage your AGE levels that involve making better lifestyle choices. Try this:

  • Eat a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables
  • Steam or boil your foods instead of browning or barbecuing them
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco products
  • Get plenty of sleep every night
  • Control your stress levels
  • Exercise moderately every day

AGEs don’t have to slow you down. With some commitment, hard work and TruAge Max, you can get back to living younger, longer.

Increase Awareness

AGEs have been studied at the scientific level since the late 1980s. Since the first AGE-related articles were published in scientific journals in 1989, AGE research has grown exponentially. The ability to measure AGE levels, and using that information to maintain a healthy lifestyle, has been called the health story of a generation.

By learning about AGEs, you have taken an important step in the journey to better health. Now do your friends and family a favor by sharing this important information with them. Simply tell them to visit us at so they can become AGE-aware.

Shine a light on AGEs, and help improve the health of everyone around you.

* These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.