To illustrate, let me introduce you to two (fake) people: Louie and Marge.

Louie's a real party animal. Every day he eats cold pizza for breakfast, a burger for lunch, and two liters of soda for dinner. He smokes, he drinks, and the only exercise he gets is getting up to take movies to the mailbox. Louie is 29 years old, but his AGE levels may be much higher than the average 29 year old, affecting his organs, muscles, joints and cells. His TruAge may be 63, meaning he has the AGE levels of someone more than double his age.

Marge gives thanks every day for her health. She starts the day with yoga, she walks to work, and three times a week she goes jogging. Marge eats green veggies, whole grains and lean protein. She doesn't smoke, she doesn't drink, she doesn't do drugs, and she gets plenty of sleep every night. Marge is 59 years old, but her TruAge may be much younger, say 31. A TruAge of 31 means Marge has the AGE levels of someone nearly half her age. Her relatively young TruAge means Marge has vibrant energy--she's able live to much younger than she actually is.

Louie's AGE levels are high, meaning he is in danger of premature aging, poor heart and brain health, obesity, and even worse. Marge's AGE levels are quite low. That means she's more likely to enjoy a long, healthy life, while looking and feeling a lot younger than she really is.

Louie is younger, but the effects of aging are accelerated due to elevated AGE levels in his body. Marge, even though she's had more birthdays, is in much better shape because she takes care of herself. Her body is healthier and she has the AGE levels of someone nearly half her age. As a result she can do much more, and she'll be able to live younger, longer. That's TruAge.

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The word TruAge was coined by Morinda, a health and wellness company and the leading voice in AGE management. Morinda has devoted its time, energy and resources to developing products, services and systems that will help you manage and lower your AGEs. One of those products is called TruAge Max. Studies have shown Max can lower AGEs by up to 24 percent when taken daily for four weeks.

Yeah. Twenty-four percent.

Interested? Try Max for yourself, and attend a TruAge Scanning event near you. Don't let your age slow you down anymore.

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Nobody wants to feel old. Even when we get old, nobody wants to feel old. If there is one universal truth, one desire that lives in the hearts of everyone around the world, it's this: Everyone wants to feel, look and be younger, longer. Birthdays shouldn't determine our worth. Age, that dinky little number, shouldn't determine our lifestyle.

So don't let it.

Stand up to aging once and for all. Say no to feeling tired, weak and broken down. Live younger, longer, and do it by managing your AGE levels. In other words, start living your TruAge.

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First, you need to know that age and TrūAge are two very different things. Your age is a number. Specifically, the number of birthdays you've had. TrūAge, on the other hand, is a term used to describe your internal age, or the level at which your body looks and performs every day. Your TruAge is based on the number of AGEs in your body.



Your TruAge is not a permanent number, nor is a high TruAge a hopeless cause. Morinda, the leading voice in AGE management, is devoted to developing products that can lower your AGEs. One of those products has even been clinically shown to lower your AGE levels by up to 24 percent. Find out how you can start lowering your TruAge today, and live younger, longer.